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:to make changes: do something in a new way
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Agribusiness and Food

Companies in the agribusiness and food industries are facing an ever changing legal and regulatory landscape. Because of this, they are constantly confronting complex legal issues that cross practice group boundaries, ranging from litigation over “All Natural” or GMO labeling to FDA regulatory compliance to transactional and intellectual property issues.

The Armstrong Teasdale Agribusiness and Food Group serves the needs of the agribusiness, food, alcohol, dietary supplement, OTC drug, cosmetics, medical device, tobacco, and food preparation and processing industries, as well as ancillary and derivative industries. As a St. Louis-based firm, with offices in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Las Vegas, Denver and Shanghai, Armstrong Teasdale and its dedicated team of agriculture, food and health professionals are positioned to bring resources to bear for clients in this area.

Practitioners in the Agribusiness and Food Group serve as close advisers for clients, connecting them with other firm attorneys and practice groups as the need arises. The Agribusiness and Food Group:

  • Works with your company to ensure that you are complying with all food safety and FDA regulations and requirements, and helps you prepare for regulatory changes and inspections under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and implementing regulations;
  • Reviews labels and labeling, advertisements, internet marketing and social media platforms for your products to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements, and assesses the risk of litigation, noncompliance and enforcement actions;
  • Represents you in consumer class action litigation involving claims for false labeling and advertising brought under applicable state consumer protection statutes, including the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, as well as for claims brought under the Lanham Act;
  • Defends against FDA and FTC enforcement actions such as product recalls, FDA detentions and refusals, warning letters, 483s, adulteration and misbranding charges, import alerts, or claims brought by state and federal prosecutors for violation of safety regulations, and for false labeling and advertising;
  • Assists and counsels in relation to Customs matters such as Form 28s, liquidated damages, criminal investigations, seizures, HTS classifications, free trade agreements, and country of origin issues;
  • Assists and counsels your company with its day-to-day transactional needs, including the negotiation and enforcement of vendor, supply, distribution and licensing agreements, tax matters, and acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures;
  • Creates standard operating procedures (SOPs) to comply with current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) and industry best practices;
  • Advises and assists with Seafood Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance;
  • Supports your company and its industry partners by analyzing and advocating with respect to relevant legislation, including GMO and agribusiness legislation on the state and federal level and related rulemaking;
  • Represents your company in obtaining patents and trademarks, and helps manage and enforce your company’s existing patent and trademark portfolios, so you can protect your intellectual property and your brand;
  • Conducts internal investigations of business practices or activities; and
  • Assists and advises your company on labor and employment, general litigation (including addressing OSHA issues), EPA compliance and permitting, and real estate matters integral to your company’s present and future operations.

For questions, contact one of the following Agribusiness and Food attorneys.