transitive verb
:to make changes: do something in a new way
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You found us! How long have you been looking? Or, are you just considering a change?


When determining the criteria for a great place to work, we think Armstrong Teasdale offers a great combination of features:

  • Culture of teamwork that celebrates success
  • Mentoring programs
  • Leadership and professional development training
  • Encouragement and support for pro bono efforts and leadership positions within the firm and in the community
  • State-of-the-art technology utilized for practicing law and managing the law firm
  • Modern offices designed according to best practices in law firm space design
  • Recognized by the EPA as a Green Power Partner for our significant purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates. Our participation is helping to reduce the risks associated with climate change by supporting technologies that are more sustainable for businesses and communities.

If you are a law student interested in our summer associate program, a new graduate searching for a career, a seasoned attorney considering a change or a professional wishing to make a difference, take a look at what we offer.


Those interested in open positions should contact  .