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Class Action

The cost of defending any type of lawsuit can place a financial strain on a company, but the expenses tied to class actions can be astronomical. A 2015 study reported that class actions comprise the fourth largest segment of the $20 billion market for litigation services in the United States. Class action spending is expected to continue rising due to the complexity of these matters, higher risk levels, and a greater number of cases being filed.

In addition to the financial burden, class actions can disrupt a company’s business operations and cause disastrous harm to its reputation. That’s why it is important to hire lawyers who have proven their ability to successfully defend clients against these complex actions while at the same time keeping expenses under control.

Armstrong Teasdale’s Class Action practice group members have the breadth of experience and knowledge to effectively – and efficiently – defend companies in class action litigation. The firm has successfully defended numerous national and statewide class actions in state and federal courts. Success is achieved in different ways, including through defeat of class certification, securing dismissal of the claims, or negotiating favorable settlements. Our lawyers excel at handling all aspects of class action defense – from initial analysis and investigation to pleading challenges, pre-emptive motions to strike, discovery, and trial and/or appeal, when necessary.

Our seasoned litigators are experienced in substantive fields that touch on a gamut of industries such as agribusiness, construction, energy, environmental, financial services, higher education, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, retailing, telecommunications, and transportation.

Our key practice areas include the following:

Consumer Fraud
Our team defends clients against a broad range of consumer class actions arising out of allegations of unfair, unlawful or fraudulent business practices, or false or deceptive advertising or labeling. Our lawyers have experience defending class action claims premised on federal statutes and regulations as well as state consumer protection statutes, such as the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (“MMPA”). We have also successfully assisted clients responding to consumer-focused actions and investigations brought by state attorneys general, district attorneys, and other governmental agencies. We are also experienced in defending duplicative, overlapping class actions filed in multiple jurisdictions, often in both state and federal courts.

Fraud The class action team represents and advises corporations and their officers and directors, as well as outside professionals, who have been sued in securities class action lawsuits. These claims often concern alleged violations of federal securities laws and/or breaches of fiduciary duty and are frequently filed in connection with mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s lawyers, who include the former Missouri Commissioner of Securities, a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, a former Chief Judge of the Missouri Supreme Court, have extensive experience dealing with federal and state securities laws, including those covering registration and reporting requirements, corporate governance, insider trading and option matters.

Our team has successfully advised and defended insurers in class actions involving a broad array of claims against carriers. We have deep insurance coverage experience with policy construction, which is a frequent focus in insurance class actions. In this area, we provide advice about both putative class claims directed at carriers and coverage issues that might arise with respect to class claims. Our attorneys also have experience with the more recent form of class actions addressing carriers’ handling of consumers’ personal information. Teaming with our privacy and data security attorneys, we can also successfully address putative class claims based on data carriers’ breaches.


  • Consumer Products/Manufacturers
  • Telecommunications Charges
  • Telephone Directory Publisher
  • Shareholder Class Actions and Derivative Actions
  • Finance Industry Charges
  • Antitrust Price Fixing Class Actions
  • Auto Dealer Sales Practices
  • Franchisee Claims
  • RICO
  • ERISA and Pension
  • Insurance and Insurance Sales Practices
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Advertising
  • Pharmaceutical Product Pricing Cases
  • Customer Fraud
  • Deceptive Practices


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