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Marijuana Law

With offices across the country, Armstrong Teasdale is one of the first law firms in the Midwest with experience helping medical marijuana companies successfully obtain the necessary licenses to cultivate cannabis products and operate dispensaries.

The medical marijuana industry continues to expand rapidly, with the majority of Americans now living in states that have passed laws legalizing the cultivation and sale of marijuana. Numerous other states have passed laws authorizing the cultivation and sale of marijuana for the limited purpose of manufacturing cannabidiol (“CBD”) oil to treat certain medical conditions such as epilepsy.

Along with the potential for new jobs and revenue, this expanding industry carries with it the burden of understanding and complying with each state’s legal framework, which is often implemented through multiple regulatory agencies. Armstrong Teasdale can assist entrepreneurs and businesses with navigating these complex state laws and regulations.

Examples of our work in the medical marijuana area include:

  • In an intensely competitive process, we assisted our client in preparing detailed applications for licenses to grow and dispense medical marijuana, pursuant to Illinois’s Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. Over 370 applications were filed in Illinois for just 81 licenses. Our client was awarded a license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in suburban Chicago. 
  • After Missouri passed laws authorizing the Department of Agriculture to issue licenses for the cultivation of hemp to extract and sell CBD oil to treat intractable epilepsy, we assisted our client in preparing a detailed application. Our client was awarded one of the only two licenses granted.
  • Armstrong Teasdale successfully represented a client with a retail cultivation license in an administrative proceeding brought by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office and the Marijuana Enforcement Division. The client had been under a Summary Suspension and Rule to Show Cause Order for three months and was a few weeks from being evicted from his facility. Armstrong Teasdale was able to quickly secure a meeting with the government representatives and negotiate a resolution that included no fine and did not require the client to take any absence from the industry, which was the client’s primary objective.
  • Armstrong Teasdale assisted a client in resolving a dispute related to the client’s rights and ownership interest in a medical marijuana dispensary.
  • When a client in China inquired about investing in the U.S. medical marijuana industry, Armstrong Teasdale provided a detailed analysis of the governing laws in multiple states and outlined the legal implications of entering the industry. The client used this information to make an informed business decision.
  • We have assisted clients with legal due diligence, analysis, and documentation of specific investments in businesses in the medical marijuana industry.

Armstrong Teasdale can:

  • Lobby and represent your company’s business interests to state and municipal elected officials and administrative agencies charged with regulating matters related to the medical marijuana industry.
  • Prepare and submit all licensing and permit applications along with related paperwork and documentation.
  • Handle legal due diligence, negotiations, and preparation of contracts with medical marijuana business owners, investors, banks, insurance companies, vendors and other business partners.
  • Provide legal analysis regarding the selection of proper locations for dispensaries and cultivation centers.
  • Handle property leasing or purchasing contract negotiations and issues related to financing and zoning.
  • Interface with local, state and federal governments on tax, securities and other regulated issues.
  • Organize your business and assist with development of your business model.
  • Develop employment contracts, training programs and related policies.
  • Provide due diligence support including facility audits.
  • Assist with acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

For more information, please contact one of our Marijuana law attorneys.