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Privacy and Data Security

Armstrong Teasdale established one of the first privacy and data security practices in the Midwest, consisting of a cross-disciplinary team of lawyers experienced with matters involving both U.S. and international privacy and data security laws. Team members include litigation, corporate, intellectual property, international and health care lawyers; two Certified Ethical Hackers (C|EH) and three Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP/US and CIPP/E). Members of Armstrong Teasdale’s Privacy and Data Security practice routinely advise clients ranging from internet startups to Fortune 100 companies in a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, communications, health care, retailers (e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar), legal, technology and energy and utilities. The issues they routinely address for clients include:

  • Litigation on behalf of clients whose data has been stolen to contain and recover the stolen data.
  • Litigation brought against clients as a result of data breaches.
  • Data breach preparedness and response.
  • Risk management and compliance strategies.
  • Privacy and data security audits.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and policies.
  • Development and implementation of effective customer, employee and data privacy policies and practices.
  • Network security gap analysis.
  • Document retention strategies.
  • Employee training programs.
  • Regulatory response.

Practice area members are sought-after lecturers on data security, computer hacking, protection of confidential information and breach response. They have also authored numerous articles on privacy and data security, including protection of confidential and trade secret information, data breach preparedness and response, computer tampering, protection of personally identifiable information and loss of customer, client or employee data.

Data Breach Litigation

When a client has been subject to a data breach – whether by a malicious hacker, a departing employee, a competitor or another third party – addressing the matter requires quick action to stop the dissemination of the data and recover it. Armstrong Teasdale pursues immediate injunctive relief such as temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions, as well as permanent injunctions to enforce noncompete, nonsolicitation and confidentiality agreements to secure company data.

Data breach matters also are giving rise to class action lawsuits. While any litigation poses an issue for clients, class actions create a particular need for lawyers capable of efficient and expeditious problem solving. Armstrong Teasdale excels at this. The firm has specific experience with class actions related to data breach, loss and disclosure, as well as experience with all phases of the class action practice, including removal and jurisdiction issues, motions to dismiss, class and merits discovery, class arbitration proceedings, summary judgment and complex settlements.

Data Breach Response

Data breach response entails much more than just the loss of personally identifiable information or personal health information. Cyber incidents are ubiquitous, take a wide array of forms and can cause many types of harm.

Armstrong Teasdale has advised a wide range of companies in numerous breach incidents. These clients range from health care, utilities, legal, and retail to payment processing and software development. Practice area members are experienced in handling a number of multijurisdiction reporting events, as well as working with the Office of Civil Rights and state regulators.

While a good data breach response team requires many skilled members, the entire group benefits from the leadership of experienced legal counsel. These attorneys can coordinate the response and defense in a manner that protects confidentiality through the proper use of privilege. They can also assist, from the moment of discovery, in formulating a response with an eye for minimizing potential downstream litigation and regulatory costs and exposure.

Data Breach Preparedness

Companies that fail to adequately protect personal information face serious legal ramifications as well as public relations and business problems. Ignoring these issues is not an option. Drawing on their broad experience and the firm’s industry-specific knowledge, the attorneys use a coordinated approach to risk assessment and the development of compliance solutions to mitigate the risk of theft or breaches. Being proactive about information security and privacy compliance obligations, and incorporating privacy by design principles will help clients respond to regulators’ and consumers’ expectations while avoiding or minimizing competitive and reputational harm.

To find out more, contact one of our Privacy and Data Security attorneys.