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Trademark Services

Among the approximate 90 professionals in Armstrong Teasdale’s Intellectual Property Group, a dedicated team focuses on the global management and protection of trademarks, trade dress, copyright, and Internet-related assets. We work closely with other Armstrong Teasdale lawyers, including those in the patent, international and litigation areas, to ensure that our clients’ rights are broadly and robustly protected and enforced worldwide. This close collaboration ensures that each client receives the benefit of our attorneys’ knowledge in every situation.


The globalization of commerce, the Internet, and a significant rise in counterfeiting has greatly influenced the role and importance of trademarks to our clients over the past two decades. Trademark law has struggled to keep up with innovation, but Armstrong Teasdale has been at the forefront of each development. From guiding our clients through the trademark search and selection process to registering and enforcing trademarks, our professionals understand our clients’ business needs as well as the intricacies of trademark law. Among the comprehensive trademark and trade dress services that we provide to our clients are:

  • Conducting trademark searches and providing risk analysis associated with the adoption and use of new trademarks, service marks, trade dress, logos, and slogans
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications in every country of the world
  • Negotiating and advising clients regarding inbound and outbound trademark licenses
  • Advertising, product, and packaging review and counseling


Owning and registering intellectual property rights is not enough. We help our clients protect the value of their trademarks through enforcement by preparing strategies to effectively protect the client’s good will associated with its trademarks. This can include employing the resources necessary to track down, stop and prosecute counterfeit production. The following are some of the services that we provide in these areas:

  • Monitoring and enforcing trademark rights around the world, including through oppositions, cancellations, and trademark and trade dress litigation
  • Enforcing misuse of trademarks and copyrights online
  • Strategizing and coordinating investigations and enforcement actions against counterfeiters in the U.S., China and elsewhere globally


Our group advises clients on obtaining and registering copyrights as well as use of third party works. We stay abreast of new media and the implications of such developments on our clients’ rights and abilities to protect and enforce those rights. Some of the copyright services we regularly provide to clients include:

  • Registering copyrights
  • Enforcing misuse of copyrighted material, including online
  • Enforcing copyrights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA take down notices”)
  • Negotiating copyright licenses
  • Copyright litigation


In many situations, the Internet has taken the place of “real world” resources, stores, advertisements, and personal interactions. While the law has struggled to keep up, our clients continue to develop new ways to use online resources to communicate with and market to their customers. We have the experience to support and protect those developments. Some of the Internet services that we provide to clients include:

  • Acquiring domain names
  • Online enforcement of trademark rights against misuse and initial interest confusion arising from websites, metatags, and keyword advertisements
  • Drafting internet agreements, including website terms of use and privacy policies
  • Website and online advertising review and counseling
  • Counseling on truth-in-advertising issues

Practice Highlights

  • Our group includes professionals with a broad range of experience, including former in-house counsel for major consumer goods and fashion companies
  • Lead major licensing negotiations for a $300 million global trademark license
  • Successfully defended a client in jury trial against trade dress infringement claims relating to bowl-shaped tortilla chips
  • Obtained injunction for the owner of BEBE® trademark against a major retailer
  • Armstrong Teasdale’s attorneys collaborated with major baby bottle, sunscreen and battery manufacturers, fashion retailers, health care providers and high-tech developers and service providers to address infringement issues
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive global rebranding strategies for clients including a major manufacturer of welding equipment; a major manufacturer of electric motors, generators and gears; and medical equipment manufacturers