transitive verb
:to make changes: do something in a new way
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Contract and Commercial Litigation

Armstrong Teasdale routinely and effectively tries cases and counsels clients in all kinds of contract and commercial disputes and trials. Samples cases include contracts for performance of services, for the purchase, sale or use of goods or property, for cooperation or participation in a business venture, for the purchase or sale of a business and for countless other business purposes. Our recent trial experience includes a large number of cases arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, involving the sale or leasing of goods, notes and other commercial instruments, and the enforcement of secured interests. It also includes extensive experience in obtaining pre-judgment remedies (attachment, replevin, restraining orders) and post-judgment remedies (levy, garnishment, and execution).

Lawyers within the Contract and Commercial Litigation practice group are frequently asked to provide immediate advice and guidance to buyers, sellers, lessors or lessees of goods when disputes arise as to quality, price, compliance with specifications, warranties, merchantability or delivery issues while a transaction or exchange is ongoing. Our lawyers daily and weekly give the practical and prompt legal guidance these clients need to make pressing business decisions that cannot wait for answers.

For more information, contact one of our Contract and Commercial Litigation attorneys.