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:to make changes: do something in a new way
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Criminal Defense and Compliance

The members of the Criminal Defense and Compliance practice group focus on the investigation and defense of complex criminal cases arising out of business transactions. One of our strengths is depth of jury trial experience in such cases as price-fixing and other anti-trust charges, health care, bank and securities fraud, gambling regulatory and criminal violations, and income tax violations including tax evasion, filing false returns and sales tax evasion.

Our lawyers also represent businesses that may be the subject of a criminal investigation. Such services include:

  • Conducting employee interviews and review of business records as part of an internal investigation to determine the nature and extent of wrongdoing.
  • Consulting with management and/or the board of directors to assess the company’s exposure to fines, penalties or debarment.
  • Recommending and coordinating the work of outside counsel for representation of employees who may be targets or witnesses in the investigation; interpreting and applying the federal sentencing guidelines pertaining to business organizations.
  • Assisting businesses in responding to grand jury subpoenas for their business records.
  • Preparing employees to testify before a grand jury
  • Negotiating with prosecutors for favorable disposition short of criminal prosecution.

We enjoy a reputation of being skilled jury trial lawyers, fierce in defense of clients but ready to explore reasonable resolutions. We also have extensive experience in designing and consulting with businesses on corporate compliance programs, incorporating such programs into employee manuals and training management and staff on compliance program guidelines and enforcement.

Additionally, we have been successful in nonpublic resolutions in extremely sensitive matters. By working with clients and prosecutors to resolve matters before charges are filed, we have helped clients avoid criminal prosecution and the damaging publicity and negative consequences that follow. Our broad experience means we can address and defend what often are multifaceted criminal, civil, and/or regulatory attacks. We represent clients in parallel civil suits and regulatory matters that can arise during criminal investigations and prosecutions, such as civil fraud and securities matters, including those prosecuted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

For more information, contact one of our Criminal Defense and Compliance attorneys.