Enjoined Misappropriation of Trade Secrets for Specialty Food Manufacturer

Successfully enjoined misappropriation of trade secrets in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois, for a major specialty food manufacturer, and obtained a consent judgment prohibiting the solicitation of major customers for a significant period, although the former high-level employees did not have employment agreements.

Obtained Reversal of Circuit Court Judgment Affirming Tax Assessments for Natural Gas Pipelines

Obtained a reversal in the Missouri Court of Appeals of a Missouri State Tax Commission ruling, upheld on appeal to the circuit court, that disallowed depreciation in the calculation of real and personal property tax assessments for a statewide system of natural gas pipelines. Because the pipelines crossed 16 counties in the state, each of the underlying county assessments had to be appealed separately, necessitating appeals in each district of the Court of Appeals.

Briefed Insurance-Related Appeal Regarding Applicability of Household Exclusion

Obtained Missouri Court of Appeals decision affirming application of a household exclusion in an excess policy issued to a rental company to the optional coverage purchased by the renter and described in the rental agreement.  The Court of Appeals considered and rejected the argument that the description in the rental agreement created an ambiguity giving rise to coverage, even if the rental agreement’s summary of the household exclusion was ambiguous, because the rental agreement provided that the terms of the policy controlled and did not promise any coverage not provided by the policy.