AT/ACC Mid-America Chapter CLE: Prepare to be Blindsided - and Plan Accordingly: Critical Issues Facing In-House Counsel in Catastrophic Events

April 13, 2016 at 11:30am1:00pm (CST)
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

2345 Grand Blvd., Suite 1500
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

In the blink of an eye, your world could be turned upside down. Explosions, catastrophic accidents, disgruntled employees and terrorist acts - these are just some of the crises that you and your company could face. Generally, routine litigation follows a pattern. Although there may be deviations and changes in this pattern, in-house counsel can anticipate many of the issues that a normal lawsuit will involve. Such disasters have the potential to significantly impact your business for years to follow. This session will uncover the critical actions in-house must take when real life meets the unimaginable, including investigation of the incident, spoliation, governmental regulatory investigation, anticipated litigation, and dealing with the media.

As always, we encourage members to bring an associate, colleague or friend who might be interested in joining our Mid-America Chapter of ACC. The Association of Corporate Counsel offers many benefits and resources to in-house counsel and we look forward to sharing that information with others in the field.