Higher Education Live Webinar - Cybersecurity: What Educators Need to Know

November 2, 2017 at 12:00pm1:00pm (CST)
Online Event

Gone are the days when attorneys could pretend that cybersecurity was purely an “IT Thing.” Many of the significant security challenges we face involve policy, process, legal compliance, incident planning and incident response. All of these issues often fall on the general counsel or an attorney’s desk. Dan Nelson, an attorney and certified ethical hacker, will partner with a significant university or college to provide insight to some of the actual tools and techniques hackers use, and provide a detailed overview of the specifics of what higher education attorneys need to know in order to fulfill their ever expanding role in cybersecurity. The presentation will not focus on the technical aspects of security, but rather the “people, policy, and planning” roles that attorneys are often asked to lead.

This program has been accredited for 1.2 Missouri Continuing Legal Education Credits. Colorado Continuing Legal Education Credits are pending. If you are interested in applying for credits in other jurisdictions, please note that you will receive a Certificate of Attendance after completing the program and an online evaluation.