Gaming Machine Manufacturer Patent Dispute

Defended gaming machine manufacturer against three software patents concerning multiplayer interactive video gaming. Obtained jury verdicts of invalidity despite the patents having been confirmed multiple times in reexamination before the Patent Office.

Defense of Auto Manufacturers in Nonpracticing Entity Dispute

Defended several domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers against a patent licensing entity in a case concerning online sales methods. The matter was settled on favorable terms.

Favorable Settlement for Patent Client in Social Media Case

Served as enforcement counsel to an institutional patent client in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware against a leading social media site involving user privacy technology. The matter was settled early in litigation and on favorable terms.

Israeli Streaming Company Succeeds in High-Stakes Litigation

Enforced a foundational media streaming patent in the Northern District of California against one of the largest software companies in the world, leading to a positive business resolution.

Aerospace Patent Matter Ends in Success

Represented an international fire suppression manufacturer against an infringing aerospace company and a major industrial conglomerate in a patent infringement action concerning the use of nitrogen to meet FAA fuel tank inerting requirements. The case settled on favorable terms.

Successful Representation in VoIP Matter

Represented a small institutional patent client in litigation against an international telecommunications wholesaler concerning VoIP technology. The case settled on favorable terms.

Summary Judgement for International Manufacturer in Patent Litigation

Defended international manufacturer in patent litigation concerning a traction system for use in industrial equipment. Obtained summary judgment of noninfringement.

Successful Outcome for Canadian Industrial Automation Company

Enforced a foreign industrial automation company’s patent against numerous manufacturing systems integrators in an infringement action concerning IoT scaling temperatures probes. The case settled on favorable terms.

$8 Million Jury Verdict for Medical Device Company

Represented medical device company in patent jury trial concerning cardiac stents resulting in an $8 million jury verdict.

Defense of Major Retailer Against Patent Licensing Entity

Defended major retailer against a patent licensing entity in a dispute concerning debit and gift card transaction technology. Settled on favorable terms following discussions of invalidating prior art.

Telecom Carrier in VoIP Matter Prevails Against Nonpracticing Entity

Defended in the Eastern District of Texas a leading telecommunications carrier and its prime contractor against a nonpracticing entity in a matter concerning VoIP user-adjustable features. The case settled on favorable terms.

Medical Device Company Embroiled in FDA, Patent Litigation Succeeds in Litigation-Driven IPR Strategy

Served as defense counsel to a medical device company in FDA and patent matters regarding a fluid delivery system. One of the few cases before the Hon. R. Gilstrap in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas to be stayed pending inter partes review.

International IoT Company Obtains Early Dismissal of Suit

Served as defense counsel to an IoT company in matter in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas involving technologies such as accelerometers, piezo-resistive films and magnetic field sensors.

Counsel to Pharma Company in Diabetes Drug Patent Litigation

Counseled a pharmaceutical company in an action before U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina concerning its IP rights to an SGLT2 diabetes drug.