Developed Filing Strategy for Startup Medical Device Company

Analyzed  technology and developed patent filing strategy for startup medical device company, including drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

Patent Portfolio Strategy and Management for Multinational Electric Motor and Power Transmission Company

Developed and executed domestic and foreign patent filing strategy and management of a patent portfolio for a multinational electric motor and power transmission company related to commercial and industrial systems.

Prepared Invalidity, Infringement Opinions for Medical Device Startup

Conducted freedom-to-operate searches and analysis, and prepared invalidity and infringement opinions for startup medical device company.

Prosecuted Patent Applications for Aerospace and Defense Contractor

Drafted and prosecuted patent applications for aerospace and defense contractor relating to aircraft decompression panels, noise attenuation devices and materials, aircraft structures loading, landing gear assemblies, manufacturing and repair methods, and robotic machinery. 

Prosecuted Patent Applications for Pharmacy and Medical Benefits Management Company

Drafted and prosecuted patent applications relating to order processing, supply chain management and order assembly devices for a pharmacy and medical benefits management company. 

Prosecuted Patent Application for Startup Material Science Developer

Drafted and prosecuted patent application submitted through Prioritized Examination program at the Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of a startup material science developer. Patent allowed 10  months from the filing date of the application.