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Life, Health & Disability

For over a half a century, the representation of first party insurers has been an important part of Armstrong Teasdale’s practice. Insurers are among the firm’s oldest clients because their business and needs are understood.


Issuance of life, health and disability policies is the primary business of top insurers. Therefore, knowledge of ERISA and the related regulations and cases has been a key component of the life, health and disability practice for over two decades. Given the high cost of litigation and the risk of having the plaintiff’s legal fees assessed against clients, our philosophy is simple: provide an early, realistic assessment so that clients can make an informed choice about whether to fight. Essential to this process is the knowledge of ERISA preemption issues, the substantive law of ERISA, the standard of review the court will apply, and whether additional evidence will be considered. Equally important is the experience to know what facts will persuade the court, and how to present them. The life, health and disability lawyers' success on motions for summary judgment is indicative of the group’s ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in this critical field.


While ERISA-based litigation has become a major staple of the Life, Health and Disability Practice Group, the members have not forgotten their roots and continue an excellent tradition of representation in the area of individual and group non-ERISA cases, including governmental and church plans.

Administrative Proceedings

In addition to representation in private litigation, the life, health and disability lawyers assist clients in dealing with the Missouri Department of Insurance. One member is a former lawyer with the Missouri Department of Insurance and offers unique insight into regulatory complaint and compliance issues. 

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