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Lindsey Hammitt R. Selinger
P: 800.243.5070 x.7365

Lindsey Selinger, a member of the Litigation group, focuses on security clearance issues and represents clients in all stages of the clearance process. She is also well-versed in all phases of litigation including discovery, trial preparation, and negotiation of settlements.

As part of her practice, Lindsey reviews SF-86 questionnaires for issues that may impede an individual’s clearance, provides responses to Interrogatories and Statements of Reasons, and engages the Department of Defense and other agencies to expeditiously settle clearance issues.

During 2014 and 2015, Lindsey worked on at least six cases in which the government withdrew the Statement of Reasons or granted a clearance based on the written mitigating explanation.  These results, based on Lindsey’s investigative and drafting skills, eliminated the need for a hearing before The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals.  Lindsey’s experience enables her to identify the security concerns and implement a plan to provide the government with the mitigating information and/or evidence to evaluate a case and determine whether the individual is trustworthy to handle classified information. 


While earning her law degree, Lindsey was managing editor of the Saint Louis University Public Law Review, member of the National Moot Court Team, and recipient of the Academic Excellence Award in Appellate Advocacy. During that time, she also served as a law clerk for The Honorable Michael J. Reagan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois and as an intern with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the white-collar crime area. Lindsey was also active with the Saint Louis University Legal Clinic, handling unemployment appeals.