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For more information on Missouri foreclosures, please contact: Sarah Czeschin.
For more information on Kansas foreclosures, please contact: Jessica Rew.

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Last updated: Tue, May 30, 2023 5:00 PM
Sale DateSale TimeNameCaseProperty AddressCityCountyStateZip CodeBid Amount
2023-05-3010:00:00Vick85005-4228646 Spoon DriveSt. LouisSt. LouisMO63132$201,475.15
2023-05-3010:00:00Allen85015-1998233 January AveSaint LouisSt. LouisMO63134$46,800.00
2023-05-3010:00:00Collins85015-3369638 Colony Dr.St. LouisSt. LouisMO63137$51,000.00
2023-05-3010:00:00Lewis85007-7132321 Gloucester RdHigh RidgeJeffersonMO63049$116,420.84
2023-05-3011:00:00Chaney85007-705238 1st St.QulinButlerMO63961$62,320.00
2023-05-3110:00:00Fibert85008-1658306 W. Aberdeen Cir.WichitaSedgwickKS67212$166,745.90
2023-06-0110:00:00Weaver85009-22883 Glen Meadows Dr.TroyLincolnMO63379$249,920.00
2023-06-0112:30:00Tribitt & Victory Temple Christian Life Centre of KC85089-43301 East 12th StreetKansas CityJacksonMO64127$0.00
2023-06-0112:30:00Plummer85005-4181450 NW Foxboro RoadBlue SpringsJacksonMO64015$239,543.00
2023-06-0112:30:00Kirksey85007-4985711 Lydia Ave.Kansas CityJacksonMO64110$136,890.00
2023-06-0112:30:00Raffurty85007-561213 NW Long DriveGrain ValleyJacksonMO64029$196,941.30
2023-06-0511:00:00Wiechens85008-12726 Prairie Haute Dr.St. CharlesSt. CharlesMO63301$0.00
2023-06-0612:30:00Smartbeltz, LLC85209-2412 East 9th StreetTrentonGrundyMO64683$0.00
2023-06-0711:00:00Jackson85007-7031910 Sanders Ave.Poplar BluffButlerMO63901$0.00
2023-06-1210:00:00Linton85007-2802375 Jackson DriveArnoldJeffersonMO63010$0.00
2023-06-1211:00:00Payne85007-7425 South Perry CircleO`FallonSt. CharlesMO63366$0.00
2023-06-1410:00:00Virasaychack85002-583732 South Hoover CourtWichitaSedgwickKS67215$0.00
2023-06-1410:00:00Brinckerhoff85002-658537 E. Greenbriar St.WichitaSedgwickKS67226$0.00
2023-06-1510:00:00McGill85005-44212958 High Crest StreetBlack JackSt. LouisMO63033$0.00
2023-06-1511:00:00Carmen85005-2725415 N. Hwy, 94St. CharlesSt. CharlesMO63301$0.00
2023-06-1610:00:00Roy85065-12 (6650.071)1301 S 5th AveOzarkChristianMO65721$0.00
2023-06-1614:30:00Stitt85007-2879606 N Charlotte StKansas CityClayMO64155$238,702.00
2023-06-2010:00:00Chapa85007-6473209 Lupine DrArnoldJeffersonMO63010$133,124.77
2023-06-2010:00:00Webster85007-7181354 Stein RoadSt. LouisSt. LouisMO63135$0.00
2023-06-2011:00:00Testera360 Test-MO-45678 Clinton AveClintonBartonMO64759$84,567.00
2023-06-2011:30:00Illert85007-75510192 Pine DriveBismarckWashingtonMO63624$0.00
2023-06-2012:00:00Whitehead85015-301619 PershingWillardGreeneMO65781$0.00
2023-06-2012:30:00Barr85008-2342132 Sportsman Rd.TrentonGrundyMO64683$0.00
2023-06-2012:30:00Brockus85015-31710736 Blue Ridge Blvd.Kansas CityJacksonMO64134$0.00
2023-06-2311:00:00Canchola85005-43356 Judy Dr.St. CharlesSt. CharlesMO63301$0.00
2023-06-2609:30:00Martin85005-436311 S. Dyer St.OdessaLafayetteMO64076$0.00
2023-06-2610:00:00Freeman85015-2747 MerriFlorissantSt. LouisMO63031$0.00
2023-06-2610:00:00Russell85007-697106 N. Ellen St.DixonPulaskiMO65459$0.00
2023-06-2611:00:00Palermo85007-751224 Shelburne DriveSt. CharlesSt. CharlesMO63301$0.00
2023-06-2810:00:00Murdoch85096-111504 Rockledge Ct.Junction CityGearyKS66441$0.00
2023-06-2912:30:00Rayford85008-1892006 E. 59th TerrKansas CityJacksonMO64130$0.00
2023-06-3011:00:00Bishop85007-7541003 E. Walnut St.DeslogeSt. FrancoisMO63601$0.00
2023-07-0510:00:00Mittler85009-1011284 Ballast Point Dr.ArnoldJeffersonMO63010$0.00
2023-07-0612:30:00Welsh85008-126406 20th Ave SGreenwoodJacksonMO64034$0.00
2023-07-1010:00:00Simmons85007-7404204 Miletus DriveFlorissantSt. LouisMO63033$0.00
2023-07-1410:00:00Cunningham85015-23515455 Old Jamestown RdFlorissantSt. LouisMO63034$0.00
2023-07-1412:30:00Rochowiak85007-581700 SW Bobcat StOak GroveJacksonMO64075$0.00
2023-07-2410:00:00Givens85007-634501 Falcon HtsRogersvilleWebsterMO65742$0.00
Terms of Foreclosure Sales
Please read and accept the terms.

Trustee’s terms of payment at Missouri Foreclosure sales: All sales will be to the highest bidder for cash. Payment of 10% of the successful bid is required to be paid immediately after the sale as earnest funds with the balance forwarded via wire transfer to the Trustee by the end of business (5:00 p.m.) same day of the sale. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the earnest funds being forfeited as liquid damages. The property will then be offered to the next highest bidder at their bid amount until the property is sold.

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