Jeff Schultz Warns Businesses, Consumers of Tax Fraud via Fox Business Story

February 6, 2018 Media Coverage

The fallout from the Equifax breach is broad-reaching, and for businesses and consumers alike, concerns of tax fraud are mounting. As the April deadline approaches, it’s important for businesses to take caution and educate employees about tax fraud and risk management.

Trial attorney Jeff Schultz was just quoted in a Fox Business article about tax fraud and noted several important considerations for consumers. From a business perspective, he recommends the following:

  • Educate employees on the dangers of phishing emails, ransomware, and other schemes and encourage them to question odd behaviors/requests from other employees and from third parties outside of the company. While this may seem like common sense, it’s important to be aware of hackers’ creativity and ability to mimic an email, even from your CEO.
  • Exercise caution in sharing confidential tax information or other personally identifiable information with anyone, even inside of the company. Be especially alert to any red flags this time of year.
  • The sooner, the better. Recommend early filing to employees and encourage them to remain vigilant in monitoring all personal and business accounts.

Schultz is an experienced trial attorney with extensive knowledge of data security and privacy. He is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) through the International Association of Privacy Professionals and routinely represents individuals and organizations in complex commercial disputes, including those involving the misappropriation of trade secrets, computer tampering, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements, commercial contracts and shareholder disputes. Jeff also assists clients in developing and implementing information protection strategies and responding to data-related incidents, including data breaches.