FSMA. GMO. FDA. USDA. While it might look like alphabet soup to some, our agribusiness and food team understands the challenges clients face with an ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape.

We serve the needs of clients in the agribusiness, food, alcohol, dietary supplement, over-the-counter drug, cosmetics, medical device, tobacco, animal health and food, and food preparation and processing industries, as well as ancillary and derivative industries.

Our lawyers handle everything from farming, processing standards, compliance and product distribution, to market and research analysis, safety and risk management, to labeling, general supply chain issues and advertising claims.

Whether you’re confronting litigation over “all natural” or GMO labeling, or have an intellectual property issue related to a new product, our seasoned attorneys have the skill and experience to achieve positive results. We’ve supported new product launches throughout their entire life cycle and have unique insight into the challenges that agribusiness and food companies face today, both compliance-related and beyond.

We support clients across-the-board with a variety of services, including:

  • Compliance with state and federal regulations and requirements
  • Product- and ingredient-specific regulations
  • Labeling and advertising/marketing
  • Consumer class actions
  • Enforcement actions
  • International trade
  • Transactions
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Legislation
  • Intellectual property