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International Trade Compliance Reviews

Our International practice area uses a team approach to assist clients with tailored outside reviews of their existing trade compliance programs. These reviews ensure that each company’s program complies with the ever-changing regulatory environment and is operating in a manner consistent with the international trade best practices landscape.

Our International Trade Compliance Reviews (ITCRs) cover a host of topics essential to any trade compliance program, such as general organizational, import, export, supply chain security, anti-corruption, anti-boycott, and sanctions controls, as well as offer cost management solutions.

Deploying the ITCR approach typically begins with a documentation review of trade compliance policies, procedures, work instructions, templates, and forms. Our review team analyzes licenses, permits and other government documents, as well as a targeted selection of transactions prior to visiting the site. The group seamlessly performs these tasks in a manner consistent with existing company processes. Next, our team conducts a site visit that entails interviews with all actors that touch the trade compliance function. The process culminates with a detailed attorney-client privileged report that targets regulatory and compliance risks, suggests substantive and procedural improvements and develops a plan of action for bringing any international trade compliance program up to current industry standards.

Our attorneys have significant experience advising various industries on the ever-changing laws and regulations governing international trade regulations and risks. They serve as close advisers, guiding companies of all sizes through the international trade environment, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients grow market share while cost-effectively navigating the growing international regulatory burdens and legal actions that impact their specific industry.

While these reviews are tailored to your specific industry and practice, they typically include the following elements:

  • General International Trade Compliance (ITC) Organizational Review: includes an analysis of organizational structure and assignment of responsibilities, leadership responsibilities, delegation of authority, employee training, recordkeeping, and internal control identification;
  • Import Compliance Review: includes an analysis of harmonized tariff classifications, valuation, country of origin determinations and markings, broker and general liability management, applicable government agency regulatory requirements, participation in special import programs (duty drawback, free trade agreements, reconciliation, American goods returned, bonded operations, Free Trade Zones), and supplier requirements related to imports;
  • Export Compliance Review: includes an analysis of export classifications, licensing issues, sanctions and embargos, export documentation management, controlled product requirements, restricted party screenings, information technology controls, freight forwarder management, and foreign entry requirements;
  • Supply Chain Security Review: includes an extensive review of your supply chain and business partners, contractual relationships, liability gaps, internal controls, container and cargo security, and physical security;
  • Anticorruption Review: includes a risk assessment of your current FCPA program, an analysis of country-specific risks, or if needed, the creation of a new FCPA program;
  • Data Privacy Review: includes a gap analysis of all transborder data flows.

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