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Intellectual Property Attorney Lucas Amodio Finds Cybersecurity Parallels to Original Star Wars Movie

February 9, 2016 Publications

St. Louis Cybersecurity and Intellectual Property attorney Lucas Amodio drafted an article titled, “3 Important Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from ‘Star Wars.’” And the force must have been with him because Law360 published his original article on Wednesday, Jan. 27. 

Lucas wrote, “Growing up in the ‘80s, I watched ‘Star Wars’ (we never called it ‘A New Hope’) over a hundred times. It was and still is my favorite movie of all time. While I loved the action, I didn’t realize that I was learning valuable lessons for a later career in cybersecurity.” 

To read the article as a PDF, click here: REPRINT 3 Important Cybersecurity Lessons Learned From 'Star Wars'.pdf. And make sure to follow Lucas on Twitter.