transitive verb
:to make changes: do something in a new way
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Social Media

There’s no longer a question of whether businesses should use social media. The dilemma is how they use it. Social media provides a powerful opportunity to be part of a community, actively engage in dialogue, and raise profiles. The downside is that companies can lose control over their messages.

Armstrong Teasdale attorneys are experienced in using social media and are closely following the evolving laws that impact its use. Our goal is to help you minimize the risks as you attempt to maximize the benefits of using social media sites.

Services include:

Detailed explanations. Defining social media continues to be debated by both media professionals and consumers. Through detailed explanations and instruction, our attorneys help uncover the mysteries of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+Pinterest, YouTube, blogging, and other popular social media sites.

Training. What tools are available and how should they be used? What are the pitfalls? We train management and employees in methods to optimize the promotion of your products and services while avoiding hazards.

Policies. There is a lot of buzz about corporate social media policies. In addition, governmental agencies, such as the National Labor Relations Board, have been active in reviewing corporate social media policies for compliance with the law. Let us assist you in determining how to engage effectively without jeopardizing your reputation or bottom line.

Consulting. Savvy employers recognize the vast potential of social media in business formation, governance, recruiting, hiring, retention, name recognition, intellectual property, credibility, public and customer/competitor relations. It now touches every aspect of the business cycle. There are a multitude of success stories about companies that have come up with clever ways to implement Web 2.0 technology into their practices. But there are plenty of horror stories as well. It's all too common to hear about the release of confidential data, regulatory violations and public-relations disasters, all resulting from employee and employer use of social media.

Armstrong Teasdale has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys ready to advise your organization about the effects of social media on your business. Keeping tabs on new areas and issues of the day, our team can discuss proactive measures to reduce your potential liability and avoid pitfalls.

Questions? Contact one of our Social Media attorneys.