Recent Developments, Joint Efforts and New Opportunities

March 26, 2019
American Planning Association Missouri Chapter / Illinois Chapter / St. Louis Metro Section 2019 Spring Workshop

911 Washington Avenue
Suite 500
St. Louis, MO 63101 

Ms. Mansfield and Mr. Klahr will take a look at new case law coming out of Missouri and Illinois concerning zoning and land use regulations, the application thereof and the take-away for continuing to plan and develop communities within the limits of the current laws. Next, Ms. Mansfield and Mr. Klahr will discuss of examples of zoning and land use regulations approving the development of medical marijuana cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary facilities in certain zoning districts. Also, we will provide some discussion whether the constitutional authority for medical marijuana creates certain limits on how municipalities can regulate these uses within their communities. Lastly, Ms. Mansfield and Mr. Klahr will summarize the federal tax laws that provide for Opportunity Zones, including the various tax benefits to investors. Thereafter, they will discuss what steps municipalities can take to facilitate investment in Opportunity Zones within their communities.