Sandy Matthes is a U.S. and international patent administrator with over 30 years of experience in the legal field, with the last 17 concentrated in intellectual property. As a U.S. patent administrator she oversees the U.S. Docketing Department to ensure all established docketing guidelines, policies and procedures are followed and met on a day-to-day basis. She timely processes and distributes both electronic and physical mail issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is very familiar with the EFS-web and PAIR systems.

As an international patent administrator, Sandy maintains a high volume of cases where she monitors patent prosecution deadlines; prepares and coordinates PCT, national and regional stage entry and foreign filings with foreign law firms; applies for and monitors foreign filing licenses; and prepares and manages execution of formal documents for patent applications. She also compiles data and prepares reports as needed by clients and attorneys.

In addition to overseeing the training of incoming support staff, Sandy assists with administering and maintaining the firm’s docketing software, CPI Patent and Trademark Docket Management System. She also tracks and reviews country law updates to establish, manage and streamline a comprehensive internal patent docketing system to monitor and track U.S. and international patent prosecution deadlines. Sandy also coordinates and participates in presentations focusing on country law and docketing updates.

Sandy is also responsible for new patent portfolio acquisitions. During an acquisition, she coordinates the file intake process with international docketing and maintenance fee personnel. She provides oversight and data entry of acquired patent matters, prepares and files required power of attorney documents and confirms chain of title with the USPTO and foreign patent offices, and generates status reports, docket reports and patent portfolio reports.

Sandy is proficient with the docketing software programs PATTSY, CPI, Lecorpio, Word, Excel, Adobe, Outlook, Interwoven, e-PCT, EFS-web, PAIR and Kluwers.


Prior to joining Armstrong Teasdale, Sandy was manager of the docketing department at a St. Louis area law firm.