Judge Stops St. Louis Minimum Wage Increase Due to State Law

October 15, 2015 Advisory

Judge Steven Ohmer of the St. Louis Circuit Court on Wednesday stopped the city's planned minimum wage increase from taking effect because it violates state law. As such, the minimum wage rate in St. Louis and in all of Missouri will remain $7.65 per hour. 

The City of St. Louis recently passed a minimum wage ordinance that would increase the minimum wage rate in St. Louis to $8.25 per hour, effective Thursday, October 15, 2015. This ordinance directly conflicted with the recent enactment of a state law prohibiting any Missouri county, city, town, or village from increasing the minimum wage rate beyond that set by the state or federal government. 

Because Judge Ohmer deemed the city ordinance to violate the state minimum wage law, employers need not post notices required by the city ordinance, nor need they include minimum wage notices in the paychecks of their employees. 

An appeal by the city is expected and therefore the minimum wage ordinance dispute is not final. Employers should continue to monitor the case to ensure they are prepared to comply if and when a future court decision upholds the ordinance.