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:to make changes: do something in a new way
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About Us

What differentiates Armstrong Teasdale from the rest of the AmLaw 250 law firms? Our MISSION STATEMENT AND VALUES say a lot: "Always exceed expectations through teamwork and excellent client service." And we do that by striving to operate as a team with boldness, creativity, transparency and passion to provide the highest level of service and value to our clients.


We are known for our forward-thinking practice of law and firm management.

  • We have more than 14 years of experience offering alternative fee arrangements and experience with law project management. We are proactive about discussing options with our clients.
  • In 2010, we institutionalized a client feedback program based on those conducted by the Big Four accounting firms. Sixty of the firm's key clients have participated in the program.
  • Armstrong Teasdale was ahead of other St. Louis law firms eight years ago when it switched to a merit-based compensation program from lock-step compensation.
  • We were the first St. Louis law firm to form a social media practice, which helps clients maximize the benefits of using social media sites while minimizing the risks.
  • Our program providing support to women lawyers was the first in this region when it was launched by management in 1998. It has served as a model for other firms in our area. Today, two of Armstrong Teasdale’s five practice group leaders are women, as is our general counsel and Diversity Committee chair.
  • The EPA has recognized Armstrong Teasdale as a Green Power Partner for its significant purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates. Our participation is helping to reduce the risks associated with climate change by supporting technologies that are more sustainable for businesses and communities.  


Our clients benefit from the partnerships we build with them and the internal teamwork between lawyers and staff. 

  • Our state-of-the-art St. Louis headquarters, which was built according to best practices in law firm office design, enhances teamwork and efficiency.
  • A "Patronize Our Clients" program promoting the products and services of our clients serves as a reminder that they are our highest priority.  


Our lawyers leverage their knowledge, experience and relationships on behalf of clients.

  • Three firm litigators won Missouri’s second-largest 2013 defense verdict for defeating a neurosurgeon’s lawsuit that blamed a hospital for a fall that ended the doctor’s career. The ranking marked the second time that Missouri Lawyers Weekly honored the lawyers for their work on the same case. It is also the fourth top defense ranking for the group since 2002.
  • The firm’s Intellectual Property litigators successfully defended a food manufacturer against allegations of patent and trademark infringement and trade secret misappropriation in high-profile litigation over bowl-shaped tortilla chips. The lawyers obtained a complete defense jury verdict in 2013.
  • A firm partner successfully advocated on behalf of a former U.S. Cabinet official resulting in the U.S. Department of Justice ending a lengthy investigation without bringing charges.
  • A firm partner, who is the Missouri House Majority Leader, was recognized in 2009 and 2010 with an award from the St. Louis Business Journal for his role in promoting economic development in the state.
  • A former state governor, who is a senior counsel to the firm, provides insight and guidance for development and other real estate related issues.
  • Two former judges, one served on the U.S. District Court in St. Louis and the other on the Missouri Supreme Court, bring valuable perspective to client matters. Their insight enhances litigators' ability to argue a client's case more persuasively and formulate the most effective trial strategy.
  • In a precedent-setting case, a labor and employment partner's arguments convinced the Missouri Supreme Court to take the unusual step of overturning a verdict due to jurors' remarks made during usually secret deliberations.
  • A litigation partner won parole in 2010 for two women who had served more than three decades each in prison for murdering their abusive husbands in separate challenging and controversial pro bono cases.


We produce results for our clients by anticipating and meeting their needs.

  • Armstrong Teasdale sponsors a free CLE seminar series for clients and others interested in the topics.
  • In 2010, Armstrong Teasdale was the first St. Louis firm to be named by Intellectual Property Today as one of the top patent law firms in the country based on number of patents filed and other criteria. We continue to be named to the list every year.
  • A partner and former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer created a Security Clearance task force that helps companies and individuals obtain and maintain facility and security clearances. The task force was started to help one client and has expanded to provide services nationwide.
  • Several lawyers are certified fire and explosion investigators and certified instructors for the National Fire Academy. They frequently present before the National Association of Fire Investigators and the International Symposium on Fire Investigation Science and Technology for additional courtroom credibility.


Our lawyers operate with finesse to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Diligence by an Armstrong litigation team resulted in Goldman Sachs agreeing to a $100 million settlement in a case involving the liquidators of General American Life Insurance against Goldman Sachs.
  • Work by Armstrong Teasdale lawyers in a pro bono case helped lead Congress to eliminate the controversial “widow penalty,” mandating that immigrants could be deported if their marriages to U.S. citizens ended within two years, even if the U.S. spouse died. We won a federal court ruling that allowed our client and her two children to remain in the United States.
  • Armstrong Teasdale helped breathe new life into a historic opera house in St. Louis by representing the underwriter of the $78.7 million renovation of the faded Art Deco masterpiece that sat empty for almost two decades.