Live Webinar - Back to School: Legal Issues Affecting Education Institutions

May 7, 2019 at 8:15am9:15am (CDT)
Online Event

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Sovereign Immunity in Public Education

Presenter: Ty Ketchum

Does sovereign immunity protect a school against a lawsuit? This discussion will provide a brief overview of the history of sovereign immunity in the public education sphere and statutory exceptions to the protection, as well as the effect of insurance on the protection and legality of non-waiver provisions, and asserting protections for aspects of relief stemming from statutory causes of action

Bayh–Dole Act Changes That Affect Educational Institutions and Their Patent Programs

Presenter: Tracey Truitt

Several important changes to Bayh–Dole Act implementing regulations took effect on May 14, 2018, that will apply to funding agreements executed after that date and may apply to existing funding agreements modified after that date.  This presentation will summarize some of the more important changes or clarifications that may affect educational institutions and their patent programs.

College and University Websites and ADA Compliance: Why Many Plaintiff Lawyers Are Demanding Change (or Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars)

Presenter: Darren Sharp

Many colleges and universities have websites designed for students to navigate for their educational pursuits, or their websites are marketed toward prospective students to entice them to apply and enroll.  But does your website accommodate disabled persons, such as deaf or blind persons?  If not, be prepared for demand letters or lawsuits challenging your school’s website, alleging disabled students and non-students are denied access to a public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This discussion will explore how and why these demands and lawsuits have increased recently, and what your college or university can do to respond or avoid these allegations altogether.

This program has been accredited for 1.2 Missouri Continuing Legal Education Credits and 1.0 Kansas Continuing Legal Education Credits. If you are interested in applying for credits in other jurisdictions, please note that you will receive a Certificate of Attendance after completing the program and an online evaluation.