Armstrong Teasdale represents or has represented 23 of the 25 largest life insurance companies in the United States.* These companies are among the firm's oldest and most valued clients.

Armstrong Teasdale's life, health and disability insurance lawyers have formidable experience in the geographic areas in which we practice in both state and federal court, both in individual and ERISA-governed cases, as well as in class actions.

As trial lawyers who have tried cases and won summary judgments for insurers in these cases, and presenters who have authored and spoken frequently on challenging issues in the life, health and disability arena, Armstrong Teasdale lawyers have credibility and a consistent record of success. Our experience allows for an early and informed analysis, which can lead to an early and advantageous settlement or a winning plan for longer-term execution.

Armstrong Teasdale lawyers are also veteran counselors and litigators in the insurance regulatory and administrative areas. One member is a former lawyer for the Missouri Department of Insurance, who brings unique insight and experience into the handling of regulatory and compliance issues.

Accordingly, whether the assignment is a litigation matter involving an individual policy, an ERISA case under a group policy, a putative class action, or an insurance regulatory matter, Armstrong Teasdale lawyers are ready and able to spring into action and put their considerable experience to work on behalf of the clients with whom they partner.

*Source, Statista: Largest life insurance companies in the United States in 2017 based on assets.